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Filter photometer photoLab® S12

The photoLab® S12 filter photometer with 12 wavelengths combines lab precision with highest comfort and highest speeds for extensive water analytics

  • Barcode detection for round and rectangular cuvettes
  • AQA/IQC multi-level
  • User-defined methods, easy to operate and maintenance-free


Maximum comfort at minimal costs!

photoLab® S12 with reference beam optics has 12 wavelengths for quick tests in 16 mm round and rectangular cuvettes. Plug in the cuvette, read measured value, done!

In addition to quick test kits in the 16 mm round cuvette, there is a larger number of affordable reagent test kits for rectangular cuvettes available. The barcode support is one of a kind, also for these test kits in 10 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm rectangular cuvettes with automatic measuring range switching. Especially in drinking water analytics, the lowest concentration ranges can be covered. In addition to the almost 200 programmed methods, 100 own methods can be programmed and kinetic measurements are possible. This allows for a comprehensive routine operation in wastewater and drinking water, food industry as well as in service and teaching labs.

The device is very efficient, maintenance-free and affordable for:

  • Routine determinations for a large number of samples
  • Measurement of lowest concentrations
  • Special tasks with own methods


Model photoLab® S12 and S12-A
Optics Reference beam with filter, 12 wavelengths
Wavelengths nm 340, 410, 445, 500, 525, 550, 565, 605, 620, 665, 690,820
Barcode detection with automatic cuvette detection 16 mm, 10, 20 and 50 mm rectangular cuvettes
Cuvettes 16 mm round cuvette, 10, 20 and 50 mm rectangular cuvettes
Own programs 50
Data memory 1000 data sets

Комплект поставки

Model Description Order no.
photoLab® S12 Filter photometer with 12 wavelengths and universal power supply for routine analytics 250024
photoLab® S12-A Like above with batteries 250026