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Filter photometer photoLab® S6

The photoLab® S6 filter photometer with 6 wavelengths combines lab precision with highest comfort and highest speeds for water analytics

  • Barcode detection for 16 mm round cuvettes
  • AQA/IQC multi-level
  • Easy to operate and maintenance-free


Simply measure!

photoLab® S6 with reference beam optics has 6 wavelengths for quick tests with 16 round cuvettes. Plug in the cuvette, read the measured value, done: Approx. 100 methods are detected automatically. So, it can be used in water analytics as well as galvanization and in the food industry.

The meter with self tests is uncomplicated in its operation with:

  • occasional measurements
  • series examinations with high test throughput at highest speeds


Model photoLab® S6 und S6-A
Optics Reference beam with filter, 6 wavelengths
Wavelengths nm 340, 445, 525, 550, 605, 690
Barcode detection 16 mm
Cuvettes 16 mm round cuvette
Data memory 500 data sets

Комплект поставки

Model Description Order no.
photoLab® S6 Filter photometer with 6 wavelengths and universal power supply for routine analytics 250013
photoLab® S6-A Like above with batteries 250022